About Us

Our history

The establishment of the Forensic Panel of Malaysia was inspired by Mr Anand Pon at the end of 2018 where he saw the importance of forensic science in solving criminal cases, especially in Malaysia. The main purpose of this forensic panel in Malaysia is to gather all areas of expertise in one organization and become a source of communication to discuss and share knowledge on criminal issues involving forensic analysis of different aspects.

Our Objective

  • To create a panel of expert witness in Malaysia
  • To gather all expertise in all area of forensic sciences and form the forensic committee
  • To acts as medium of communication to discuss and share their knowledge towards any issues that related to forensic sciences
  • To assist the authorities and legislators to find the appropriate expert witness to resolve criminal cases, especially high-profile cases.

Criteria to join us?

  • Qualification in Forensic Area
  • Have experience in Forensic Area around 10 -15 years
  • Attend to courts to give statement

Qualification in Forensic or Works at related field in Forensic Area

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